My "Sara" model is part of this wonderful website on the history of Lake Champlain

My "Sara" model is part of this wonderful website on the history of Lake Champlain
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Thursday, December 29, 2011

My version of the US Dollar; the GNP fiat note

    GNP fiat is the only way to go; gold is just one commodity; the overall health of the
nation is in the GNP, which the monetary system should reflect IMO, but you'll never see it,
as it's just fair to all.  And yes, issued by the gov., debt free, so that in times of necessary deficits, the country just suffers the inflationary printing, instead of adding to the national debt as now.
   To deal with overprinting, I would suggest the states with their powers of nullification be part of the mix and to make sure that the GNP dollar/basket of goods were accurately reflective of all parts of the economy/country, which sounds messy, but then this IS money, the next most important thing after military defense...and you see how bad that is. It's sorta like barter, then a LET system, but with notes of value; very simple really, and NO private Federal Reserve banks to swindle us anymore !
   Their "national debt" should be called out and adjudicated one case at a time for culpability, and if found guilty (with even international subpoena's, regardless of "implied" or other supposed immunities) those involved should suffer jail time, forfiture/restitutional directives with new legislation to whit to prevent further negative incursions into the "general welfare" of the country.
   Kucinich's, HR6550/111th, also his NEED act is a fairly good start to the process, but he wants to just pay off the national debt as it comes due...BAD; adjudicate instead ! ...don't let them get away with their past malfeasance and ruination of the country...and the world !

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