My "Sara" model is part of this wonderful website on the history of Lake Champlain

My "Sara" model is part of this wonderful website on the history of Lake Champlain
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Meandering machinations of a Minarchist

I would think none of us here is a Constitutional lawyer, but I can hope to get some better interpretations if such a person were to step forward. I have always taken the "general welfare" clause to speak to the overall socio-economic health of the country, but that's just my take, which I try to inject all over to see what kind of response I will get...often agreeable, but always interested in other opinions. ...then there is always the powers of the states and people with the 10th, which could start local groundswells culminating in national referenda or real legislation, but that is also over my head; wrong field of endeavor ! I have a "pocket" Constitution right next to the computer that I place there a few years ago and use it as needed just to test myself if nothing else.

Our "Drone nation under foot"
My real take on all the events of the present time is horrible, I feel the country is being pared down to a troglodytic/MIC/drone militaristic collection of would be targets so the super-rich can stay off-shore, outsourced, and capital flighted in relative safety as the spartanized American "watch-dog" nation controls and quells any "problems" the world may present to the "one world corporation"/NWO, etc. with Patraeus at the helm of the ISAF, aptly named as their website expounds about.

Federal Reserve thoughts:
I wouldn't end the federal reserve banking regulation part, which is an obfuscatory part of the agency meant to confuse us of course, while the private fed banks are allowed to print/own/lend/hoarde fiat money as they see fit without any regulation (the ultimate de-regulation IMO), ie. counterfeiting it as outlined in art. 1, sec. 8, par. 6 (not par.5, coining; different problem). Then there are the other monetary "problems" of overprinting (QE disease), not basing the money supply on anything, except greed, with no ongoing, actionable prosecutions or even investigations to whit, except for the likes of Spitzer's attempt, and you see what that got him..won't get into JFK or LT McFadden, HAVE listened to at least part of JFKs speech tellingly from the Waldorf-Astoria on secret societies ? If anyone doesn't think there is a GIANT conspiracy coming to fruition at this time, they must be vacationing on the planet Mars !...of course you could just call it a "business plan" a hostile takeover ? When such a "business plan" is carried out such that some lose big time, then I call such a "conspiracy", which may or may not be legal of course...we may never know, and I'm too old to take up lawyering.

"America the dream" is failing:
"little people out in the cold" to me would mean a continuation of the last 100 years with the finality of indebting all Americans into servitude to the government, with the lucky ones able to escape with at least some part of their supporting means intact. We are witnessing this transitional period now IMO, where the "America political idiom" is no longer a viable entity, as it fades into the dustbin of history as a failed experiment in freedom for all, esp. we the little people, due mostly to the greed and egotistical ways of those who have systematically ruined perhaps mankind's last best chance for a fair and peaceful world.

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