My "Sara" model is part of this wonderful website on the history of Lake Champlain

My "Sara" model is part of this wonderful website on the history of Lake Champlain
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Monday, December 26, 2011

At least a few are trying to Save the Country !

Thanks to Paul and Grayson, etal., we now have even more damaging info on the big-bank-bailouts in addition to judge Preska's 29,000 pages, and judge Jed Rakoff's 21,000 documents on the Federal Reserve system (not Madoff...different guy right?)

So what is one to do to help save the country ?

1. Close your bank accounts at these banks :
....List ... (include Bank of America, JP Morgan/Chase, etc.

2. Open bank accounts to show solidarity and give strength to these ... List... Bank of North
Dakota, , etc.

3. Know your congressmen and bombard them with letters, e-mails, calls, appointment,
audience and appearance requests, bringing as list of grievances we all can use (post please,
esp. if you are a lawyer, etc.). Mine are actually sending me "hand-written" letters which my
have me sent to a FEMA camp, but I'm too old to bother to worrry about myself anymore.
If I can do any good for the country with the time I have left (maybe 20 years?) so be it !
We all must insist on investigations FOIA to whit on the over $16T bank bailouts, etal.
Just where are all the AGs in this ? Why aren't we hearing from them and state's governors?

4. Do not buy from the following list of companies and stores... GE, Monsanto, big pharma, etc.

5. Always Occupy polling places legally, but maximally with signs supportive of our plight and
for Ron Paul or your hero/heroine of the American people.6. Legally sabotage all business dealings with as many 1% types as possible in all things, even to foreign shores where they often reside.

7. This is a Quik-List; add to it please to help save the country for "we the (little) American
people" ! Please feel free to add to it if you will.

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