My "Sara" model is part of this wonderful website on the history of Lake Champlain

My "Sara" model is part of this wonderful website on the history of Lake Champlain
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Monday, December 5, 2011

Is there any real accounting by anyone for the last 10 years ?

I just want to see an adjudication list with subpoenas for the following ...
to be expanded as all contribute and as can be researched :

-potus Obama - for crimes against the Constitution, not promoting the "general welfare"
-usag Holder - same
-Nancy Pelosi - insider trading not available to "ordinary" Americans
-Barney Frank - allowing TARP to be necessary; his weak bill "fix" is not at all good enough

- Phil Gramm - A main culprit who now has a cushy job at UBS. As chairman of the Senate Banking Committee from 1995 through 2000, Gramm was Washington's most prominent champion of financial deregulation. NOTE : contrast him with the great Louis T. McFadden, one of our American champion heros for "we the little people".

- Angelo Mozilo - Banking ; , Mozilo co-founded Countrywide in 1969 and built it into the largest mortgage lender in the U.S. Countrywide wasn't the first to offer exotic mortgages to borrowers with a questionable ability to repay them.

This is just a first small sampling on the sites below ; you can expand on each of the villains...

- Alan Greenspan
- Chris Cox
- American Consumers
- Hank Paulson
- Joe Cassano
- Ian McCarthy
- Franklin Raines
- Kathleen Corbet
- Dick Fuld
- Marion and Herb Sandler
- Bill Clinton
- George W. Bush
- Stan O'Neal
- Wen Jiabao
- David Lereah
- John Devaney
- Bernie Madoff
- Lew Ranieri
- Burton Jablin
- Fred Goodwin
- Sandy Weill
- David Oddsson
- Jimmy Cayne,29569,1877351,00.html

Read more:,29569,1877351,00.html#ixzz1ffHuyEBH

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