One example of  non-helpfulness in our quest to save the country can be found in John B. Taylor, an economist at Stanford who speaks in direct opposition to my fears and cures for what ails the nation...

The man is an establishment shill for the federal reserve system of tryanny against the American people. The deficit is one of our worst problems and is the direct result of at least 5 huge factors IMO.

1. The fed act itself which must be rescinded by congress but forget it as they're all wimps/and/or dupes except for the few we hear speak of it, like RP, Kucinich, Sanders, etal. there should not be any deficit, ever, not one penny; only printing money then reparations to re-establish valuation. (see #4)

2. Unfettered/unregulated/unstoppable major capital flight, esp. since Reagan, but begun with Nixon's trip to china such that there is none for industry.

3. Lack of regulations, infact de-regulation for TPTB and overregulation for we the little people such that banking has ruined the country in every possible way, in addition to corporate raids of all sorts going "unnoticed" and univestigated or prosecuted, including the recent "kabuki show" by NYS AG Schneiderman etal. states would take perhaps 1000 lawyers to make a dent in WS to begn with, but W took them away for "homeland security" projects as I have read.

4. Obama's overactive thyroid "glandulizing" the economy into a stupor by overstimulation and underperformance...any jobs gains have been mainly in the gov. sector ! Totally counterproductive !...besides huge deficits, which should not be "debt" at all, but just printing our way out of valid troubles per my GNP dollar ideas and re-establishing the value of the dollar after hostilities by expropriation of the vanqhished, like $.20/gal. gas would be a nice start.

5. The need for a drastic military reduction, but with effectivization of the MIC such that like RP says, we have a strong, but smaller military mainly for defense, but it'll never happen of fact none of this will, as it's too logical....unless some of you have other ideas ?

6. Forgot the W tax breaks, subsidies and insider trading, etc. for congress and the super-rich, just so much malfeasance it's hard to keep track of it all, but then, what do we expect when the finest minds in the country are so bent on it's destruction ?