Our country faces an even greater danger then that which 9/11 preluded or the debacle of 2008 banking scandal, for which there have been no real prosecutions, or even investigations.

We now face the real possiblility of the international derivatives market imploding from total malfeasance of the gambling mentality it affords the big banks, with the US public left holding the bag to the tune of about $175 Trillion (T not B), which will ruin the country once and for all.

This bill, HR3283 must be stopped so that the American people will not be totally responsible for the unpayable, fraudulent "bill" when this "somehow" totally insured by the FDIC (Wow!) mess comes home to roost, probably after "re-election" of the stooge that has been setup to fail his party, his country and his race IMO...unless he moves "fast and furious" in good ways right after regaining office of potus.

The "Volcker Rule" is a part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform bill that bans banks and other large, critical financial institutions from making risky, speculative bets using taxpayer backed funds - a practice called "proprietary trading." Tell the financial regulators to write a strong "Volcker Rule" and end excessive speculation at big Wall Street banks that puts the public at risk.

AFR sent a letter to members of congress urging them to reject HR 3283, a bill that would exempt foreign affiliates of U.S. banks from all the major protections against derivative risks contained in Title VII of Dodd-Frank.

The super-rich absconders have simply transfered all the TARP, QEx etal funds to foreign shores/banks which would become untouchable by US law, as our country sank into the mire of red tape/slime they leave us.