We are losing our Constitution for sure now, with this actionable item, not any longer just a threat. Care must be taken not to actually try to influence bills in legislatures, but more "appropriately' be portrayed apparently as personal opinion if we are not to run afowl of this part of the Citizens United decision by POTUS it would seem.

This case, based on the original McCain sponsored scotus decision, the oxymoronic 2010 Citizens United decision, states that there are laws requiring licenses, etc. or other official permissions to speak when a citizen is trying to influence state legislative vote on bills ; if this isn't a violation of the 1st Amendment, what is? All the "officials" have to do is "forget" or outright deny permits for free speech due to these new "rules". Another of our rights gone forever. What the heck kind of country is this becoming ? This clear violation of our collective sovereignty as a free people must be dealt a similar blow by retraction, rescision, etc. at all levels of government to ensure that it is expunged from our dwindling American legal system before we "lose it all" IMO. I fear for us all.

Since when is "free speech", guaranteed by our first Amendment to be so regulated and "burdensome" that it is so easily to be denied by those who just wish to keep us silent ?