A; have you always been a shill for the super-rich, or is that a recent development of one of the massive "bailouts"/QE disease destroying our currency at the expense of the middle working classes ? Such blatant lies about our economy and potus and congress in general mark you instantly...which if you do not understand, puts you on a level with RT, wherever he went. Let's do some stats on your sunny appraisal of our county's status shall we ?....

unemployment rate: 8.6% hardly down at all...and not counting those who have stopped looking ..."for some reason" it has been reported at around 9% or so for years now hasn't it?...by TPTB; recession over...for you of course.


Iraq (yes,there was some kind of time table "O" benefitted from, not of his bidding) , Osama (ya ya, fine; black ops, etc.)

Arab Spring ? Just part of the ME takeover strategy, with threats against Iran shaping up well, and Lybia now rid of chinese "interlopers" can now be developed by more "friendly" western (banking and wallstreet) powers.


US credit and credibility ? Former potus Bush could be arrested in Switzerland !
The chinese and japan (even russia) now trading in their own currencies, with no usd inbetween as a sign of weakening country's world status due to massive overprinting of pure fiat by foes of the Constitution...potus/congress (most)/wallstreet/k-street/MIC.


Free trade agreements hurt the middle class explicitly...as designed by the best
minds money can buy from Harvard and Princeton of course. The American labor idiom is DEAD, and we are no longer needed by the "expatriate class" who have absconded with not only golden parachute, TARP and QE "funny money" to undisclosed locations world-wide unopposed and untaxed (unlike "we the little people, who cannot take more than about $10K without getting slammed...or more than $5K in coin "cuz we might have it melted down" for its real value) (Spooner), etc., untaxed off-shore accounts and businesses with American made $$$ on our middle class backs, outsourcing condoned and aided by congress for transfer of jobs and whole industries abroad (I sorta like the sound of Indian operators voices strangely)...no nothing wrong with the economy here...NOT. Free trade zones ? Yep, for the super-rich as they take down the country, starting with the likes of public employees as in Wisconson.


As to NOT firing "O"; can't find a reason not to with his "slanted" czarist, EO, signing statement orientations, esp. now S1867/HR1540, which by the way, could make YOU a terrorist ...against the Constitution and our economy in general if I interpret things "my way" as "O" seems to be able to do now with that bill which he just signed (NDAA), but since he can be bought and paid off, as with his student loan (and hers) with perk $$$ from GS (was it really only $.5M ?).

Misery for Americans...yep, he's big part of that picture, along with Mr. 1% Romney and the other panderer Santorum...not that Ron Paul is perfect, as he's too libertarian and thinks we can all be self-sufficient to the max, but I'd rather fight with him honestly in congress than try to track down, extradite with supoenas, and bring to trial the malfeasants who have ruined the best chance humanity ever had to date for peace, justice and prosperity for all classes... America, the once proud and possible. NO vote for "O" here...ever