Potus Obama has been using several types of "congressional bypass" surgicial techniques to "cut-up" the country, shred the Constitution and help disembowel the American idiom the world has come to copy so often as the closest to justice and fairplay for all. Many of the titles of his "acts" or "edicts" may sound melifluous, but the methodology is dictatorial.

This besides the republican/conservative/necon movement...of major capital flight and all our jobs and industry to often "undisclosed" off-shore, outsourced locations, unopposed, untaxed and totally dangerous to the "general welfare" of the country perhaps to the point of treason? Far from "protecting and defending the Constitution", the moves of both of these antipodal parties of destruction has ruined any real chance for a return to any sort of America we grew up with. We have been squeezed out of the "middle class" by both ends of the political "tube".

We are being systematically ruined of course by NAFTA, CAFTA, and treaties against tariffs...all of which benefits only the super-rich of the participating parties in the two concerned countries, which Obama has not dealt with at all, even with his powers of EOs, signing statments, both of which he uses regularly, so he's definitely not on the side of the American people, just the elites. IMO, there should be tariffs imposed on the basis of at least world standards for stewardship of the earth, including resource and environmental management AND population "responsiblilty", not control, which should be incentive-ized as should the rest of such measures.

It seems at this point that Ron Paul is the only choice for potus, even as too libertarian as he is for me, but I would rather fight it out with such an honest man who would restore America as much as possible than try to extradite or otherwise corner the likes of the other two types currently running for 2012.

While some of his 106 Executive Orders may seem to help us carry on with needed appropriations and legislation for maintaining the integrity of our country with congress in total gridlock, this manner of disregarding the other branches of government is dangerous, even if he is not the first to do this. But this, coupled with his 42 Czars, just short of the number used by "W" and his record number of uncomfirmed by the Senate of 33 appointees (and only 2 vetos) marks him as perhaps one of the most dangerous potus in history.


Administration of Barack Obama (2009-Present) Disposition of Executive orders signed by President Barack Obama:


Obama HR1540 signing statement; No indefinite detention for American citizens : He DOES say that on the top of page two (2); let's hold him to it !


Potus Obama Czar list; the largest of any except "W"


Ten years after AUMF; War on Terror; just to give a reference to relate to 9/11/01