My "Sara" model is part of this wonderful website on the history of Lake Champlain

My "Sara" model is part of this wonderful website on the history of Lake Champlain
Cannons !

Friday, November 4, 2011

Help save America from wallstreet !

We're down for the count folks; it's only a matter of time before the rapacious wallstreet/k-street/MIC/ federal reserve and congress bleed us dry with taxes and inflate away or eliminate entirely, our earned entitlement program monies, ie. especially social security and some medicaire (not medicaid, which should be curtailed moreso), let alone increase taxes and over-regulation to the point where businesses can't survive as we lose our jobs, homes and hopes of any American dreams we may have had in the past, what now that the malfeasant, usurious absconders have expatriated scot-free with unrestricted major capital flight to undisclosed locations world-wide with international immunities, off-shore accounts, and have outsourced jobs and whole industries abroad to the great detriment of all of us potentially to the point of treason against the Constitution on various grounds, endangering the very existance of our national sovereignty.  this last point should especially resonate with those who have sworn to "protect and defend the Constitution" of the United States of America.  One has only to read the liner notes on Amazon of David Rockefeller's book to see what is going on...New World Order, as former potus bush's videos also announce.  With the loss of so many basic rights, ie., habeas corpus, and with such horrid legislation as the oxymoronic "patriot act", and "citizens united", the same, to name a few, I foresee a complete erosion of our American way of life in the not too distant future as one of my greatest fears for us all.

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